NAG Staff Speak Out!

One of NAG’s primary values is integrity, quality and profound respect for the individual in our dealings with customers, staff, members and partners.

Staff are openly and regularly consulted on company developments - whether they’re directly affected by them or not – and are encouraged to become actively involved in organizational projects to help steer NAG to continued future success, both technically, commercially and as a progressive employer.

See for yourself what some of NAG’s staff think and feel about working here.

Name: Sarah 

Position at NAG: Senior Technical Consultant

Length of time at NAG: 15 years

What’s working at NAG like?

Enjoyable, interesting, busy. A relaxed atmosphere. People are encouraged to be innovative. People are loyal and passionate about their work.

What attracted you to NAG in the first instance?

A somewhat academic-feeling business. A small enough company for me to be able to make a difference. A highly technical environment.

How did you find your first few months at NAG?

The people were welcoming. It took a while for them to work out what they wanted me to do!  A bit of a steep learning curve at times...

Describe your view of NAG in three words?

Friendly, dedicated, unique.

What challenges do you face in your job?

Finding answers to users' queries. Trying to find and fix software bugs. Keeping on top of several projects at the same time.

What are the perks of the job?

Free tea & coffee, fresh fruit, flexible hours, good pension, good holiday entitlement, usually easy to take holiday when you want to, staff BBQ, Christmas lunch.

Is there a dress code?

Thankfully not – anything goes!

What are the hours like?

Flexible; reasonable. Not expected to work too much over and above contracted hours (unlike previous job).

Do you socialize with NAG out of hours?

Occasionally. Also keep in touch with former NAG colleagues.

What is the company like for training/career progression?

Training: a lot on-the-job, plus courses where necessary. Career progression: virtually all promotions are from within the Company.

How does working at NAG compare with your other jobs?

Better holiday entitlement, shorter hours, more flexible hours than my previous job. Location is good for commuting via public transport.

How does working at NAG compare with the jobs of your family or friends?

I think NAG is probably more open (in its attitude) and flexible than many places... Staff are consulted on a lot of things.

What's the worst thing about working at NAG?

Open plan office!

What's the best thing about working with NAG?

Colleagues are friendly and helpful.